An On-Farm Field Day

Managing greenhouse gases – lessons learnt and where to from here?

Tuesday 17th April 2018  11 am – 1 pm 
Troughton Farm  332 Mowbray Road,
Waharoa, Matamata

Practical, on-farm management practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are needed to maintain the long-term sustainability of pastoral farming. Research on the Troughton family dairy farm, near Waharoa, is investigating new management practices aimed at increasing or maintaining soil carbon storage and reducing nitrous oxide emissions while maintaining production. 

The work is funded by the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and led by the University of Waikato in collaboration with Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research. 

Come along to hear more about our greenhouse gas mitigation research including the optimisation of crop establishment and re-grassing and the use of more diverse swards including the integration of plantain. This will be followed by refreshments and opportunity for feedback from the farming community. We hope the field day will help build on-going relationships with farmers who are keen to provide ideas and feedback on future research directions that lead to practical on-farm solutions.

No registration fee or RSVP required. Please contact Jack Pronger if you have any questions regarding this event on
07 8593727 or


M +64 21 086 30215

Please contact John McIntyre on 027 298 9596

5932  S/HW 27 R.D. Waharoa 3474  Waikato New Zealand.

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